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An Innovative Casting House For Copper Base Alloys.


Tarasree Technocast Private Limited to be recognised for the quality copper base alloy castings globally. Use of innovation in foundry to take it to new heights of growth by acquiring latest technology trends and adapting best strategies to create values for our customers, vendors and employees.

  • Aluminium Bronze
  • Nickel Aluminium Bronze
  • Manganese Bronze
  • Leaded Tin Bronze
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Silicon Bronze
  • CU-NI
  • Brass
  • TST-Spl Alloy

We are now PED 2014/68/EU approved and AD2000-Merkblatt W0 approved by
TUV Nord


Why Tarasree for Copper Based Alloy Castings?

Accurate Metallurgy

Zero Blowholes / Pinholes / Shrinkage

Good Sound Casting

Good Surface Finish

ASTM / DIN / BS / IS Standards

Meeting Casting Design Requirements

0% Rejection from End-user Point

Single piece/Small Batch/Low weight Casting

Excellent service performance

On-Time Delivery

Timely support to customer calls for faster delivery

100% Tested


The company's objectives are driven towards a need to maintain consistency in quality which is accepted globally as per standards. We know that compromising on Quality is very expensive. So we are always mindful of what quality we commit and make sure we deliver that same each time. As we believe in making quality long term relations with our customers. We make sure to use best quality raw material, fluxes & chemicals and best practices to ensure we get best castings every time for our customers.


We look our established systems and procedures as our core strength. When in doubt, follow the system! That has enabled our company to strengthen our growth path in a manner in whish we know that our backbone is our system of working. For our customers, it means that we are transparent and upfront in all that we do. Strictly committed delivery schedules and are know that time is mony. We are always mindful of what we commit and are careful not to over commit. And if we say it will be done in a certain period of time, it simply will!



A Casting model is made with machining allowance and contraction allowance depending on the requirement of specific copper based alloy.

The required components are run with the simulation software to predict the internal soundness, feasibility and best method to cast the component.

The simulation helps to identify the defects and to eliminate by running multiple iterations by using the right gating & risering system. The right gating system is followed to have desired flow and the optimum risering to meet the feed volume requirements.


The patterns are manufactured either in wood (or) Aluminium based on usage and the surface finish requirements. The patterns are provided with required contraction allowance and machining allowance as per the grade demands.

Tarasree has a dedicated storage area having more than 4000 patterns.


The process employed is CO2 sand moulding which generates the lowest amount of gases due to mould-metal reaction along with better mould hardness and less moisture content. The moulds are painted well to prevent metal penetration and later baked properly.

The exothermic / insulating sleeve and filters are used for effective, clean and sound casting.


Tarasree has different sizes of induction furnaces to handle different alloys and weight requirements.

Deoxidation and degassing procedures are followed for achieving clean metal.

Induction Furnace : Inductotherm
Max. charge capacity : 1600 kgs


Tea-spout Ladles of 100 kg, 250 kg, 500 kg, 1000 kg & 2000 kg are used depending on the metal volume requirements. Ladles are insulated with high refractory materials to withstand high temperature and to overcome heat losses. The pouring design parameters are ensured with safety while filling the molds.


The castings with sprue, runner, ingate and risers are removed and further shot blasted and ground to meet the drawing finish requirements.


For all Copper-base alloys like Nickel Aluminium Bronze, Manganese Bronze castings, Dye-penetrant Examination and Radiography testing are performed.
MPI are not applicable for these grades.
The operators are qualified to ASNT level 2.
Tarasree can cast Radiography Level 1 castings.


The chemical and Mechanical properties are analysed for every melt cycle to ensure that the customer & standard requirements are met.

  • Spectrometer (32 elements ARL)
  • Hardness testing machine
  • Sand Testing Laboratory (Permeability, Core gas, Sand moisture teller, Mold Hardness, Mold moisture tester)


The machine shop is equipped with Turning machines like lathes and CNC to perform proof machining of valve bodies, bonnets and internals.