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Tarasree Technocast Pvt. Ltd.


An Innovative Casting House For Copper Base Alloys

About us

Mr. Vinod kumar

(Managing Director)

Mr. Aakash



Tarasree Technocast Private Limited, formerly known as Tara sree Engineering, commenced manufacturing in year 2009, in a humble setup in Faridabad. The company was promoted and presently led by Mr. Vinod Kumar, a mechanical engineer, with foundry experience of over 35 years in India and abroad. He has been awarded as "Emerging Foundryman of India Appreciation Award" by "Mr. Andrew Turner", Secretary general of World foundry organisation- Birmingham, UK. The ownership structure involves private ownership of the complete company among family individuals, with majority ownership of Mr. Vinod Kumar.

Since then Tarasree Technocast, has established its position in Domestic market especially in non- ferrous castings. Tarasree Technocast is today considered a pioneer in technology casting for its Globe Valves, and even for its Butterfly Valves, in the domestic market.

Tarasree Technocast has been regularly supplying castings to industries like Oil and Gas, Refineries and Petrochemical, Power, Water, Fertiliser, Steel, HVAC. Today, Tarasree Technocast interacts with all the major clients across the Indian market directly and indirectly.

Tarasree Technocast has in-house sand casting foundry, machine shop, chemistry testing lab, and boast a team of skilled technical experts.

Materials we specialise in-

Aluminium Bronze


Hi-Tensile Brass

Phosphorus Bronze


Weight Range-250 Grams to 1200 kgs Single Piece.

For Valves- Butterfly discs, Valve body, check valve, DPCV body and valve, Globe valve up to 820 kgs single piece.

For Actuator- We supply stem nuts, Worm gear, Rim up to 400 kgs single piece in Aluminium bronze.

For Pumps- Impeller, turbine parts, Bowl castings in Aluminium bronze and stainless steel.

For Drainage- We export drainage fittings, ready to use products to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain in CDA997 and in stainless steel.


Tarasree Technocast castings have been widely accepted and repeatedly used in very diverse applications, the valve and process industries in particular, and others on a wider note.